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    Central Composers releases 39 free presets for Zebra VSTi


    Central Composers has released a free soundset for Zebra VST instrument suitable for various music genres.

    The .RAR file contains 39 customized presets I have made for personal use and some are being used in Cinematic Rhythms!

    Sounds consist of Pulsing Rhythms, Rhythmic Plucks, ‘Drum’-alike rhythms, simple instruments and also some FX…

    I am actually starting to feel more comfortable with Zebra as I have been studying it more so I will be on it for a while!

    Hope you enjoy some of the presets…. There are no ‘previews’ or ‘demo’ tracks so I am sorry but you will have to take a risk and try them out!

    Feel free to use them in any matter, or feel free to take the patch and edit it as your own…

    This soundset requires Zebra VST instrument (2.5+)

    More info: 39 free presets for Zebra

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