Phonics has released Phonics DrumRoll, a free drum synth VST instrument plugin for Windows operating systems.

I’ve had this brewing for quite a few years. Although, the development is not that mature.
It’s a 2 osc drum synth, with onboard effects.

There are 4 to start with, although the splash is terrible. It has a kick, clap and snare also.

It has graphical envelopes for amp, pitch and filter cut per osc. Should be handy enough to dial in the requisite quirky shapes in percussion. The osc forms are chopped out from an analog synth(MS6).

All the controls are vector, so I made it that u can change the colours and save that in ur .prs or text program. If the default RGB isn’t that nice, u can bring up the colour dialog by pressing the little button in the preset group.

Phonics DrumRoll is available for free.

Download: Phonics DrumRoll VSTi

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