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    Noisecrux releases Multisampled Electric Guitar – free collection of guitar samples


    Noisecrux has announced the release of Multisampled Electric Guitar, a collection of WAV samples and multisampled instruments (SFZ, Shortcircuit etc) featuring sounds recorded from a Peavey Predator electric guitar.

    I recorded a Peavey Predator electric guitar, clean, using the bridge humbucker pickup position, through a Behringer Eurorack MX2004 into PC audio interface. There are 23 notes sampled (E2 – C6) at two velocity layers as well as muted strings and string slide noises. The samples are WAV 44.1khz 16bit. Not the cleanest recording but should be OK for background rhythm parts.

    I’ve included SFZ and Shortcircuit VST sampler programs for it. I have also made presets for iOS Beatmaker2. There are two Beatmaker programs – the full instrument (~24Mb) and a light version with only one velocity layer (~12Mb) to conserve RAM.


    More info: Multisampled Electric Guitar

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