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    Impact Soundworks releases free Impact Soundworks Trial Pack – 26 Kontakt instruments and 32 WAV loops


    Impact Soundworks has released Impact Soundworks Trial Pack, a free collection of Kontakt instruments and loops taken from its portfolio.

    I’m pleased to present the Impact Soundworks Trial Pack, a FREE collection of 26 Kontakt 4+ instruments and 32 WAV loops culled from our full catalog of sample libraries! We carefully selected some of the best sounds and articulations from products like Shreddage, Resonance, Koto Nation, and even our newly-released Curio, showcasing key elements from each.

    Kontakt instruments taken from:

    • Acoustic Revolutions Volume 1
    • Curio: Cinematic Toy Piano
    • Forest Frame Drums
    • Groove Bias
    • Impact Steel: Cinematic Metallic Percussion
    • Koto Nation
    • Plectra Series 1: 8-string Acoustic Bouzouki
    • Plectra Series 2: Highland Harps
    • Plectra Series 3: Kazakh Dombra
    • Resonance: Emotional Mallets
    • Shreddage 1
    • Shreddage Bass
    • Sitar Nation

    All instruments and sounds found in this collection are royalty free (no demo/ license restrictions) which means you’re free to use them in commercial releases. To download Impact Soundworks Trial Pack, you’ll need a valid email address (the download link is sent via email).

    More info: Impact Soundworks Trial Pack

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