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    Hollow Sun updates Bass Station FreePack Kontakt instrument


    Hollow Sun has updated its Bass Station FreePack, a Kontakt instrument containing bass and leadline sounds from an original Bass Station.

    This FreePack was made a good while back. My good friend, Dan McCullough, in the US had sampled his original Bass Station and Super Bass Station quite extensively and donated them to me. At first, it was just a basic Kontakt instrument, then I learnt a bit of Kontakt scripting (kind of … just about) which added more functionality but now, with Mario in tow, it seemed a good idea to update it to Kontakt 4.2.4. And here it is…

    It’s quite functional with a highpass filter (for maybe thinning sounds out a bit), a resonant lowpass filter and an ADSR amplitude envelope. There’s a simple vibrato LFO and glide/portamento but arguably the core of this little beauty is the UNISON section where voices can be stacked, detuned and spread across the stereo panorama for truly powerful basses. And there’s a simple EQ section for rounding off the sound. There are also various play modes – mono/poly, single (or legato)/multiple triggering and more. It’s simple but very effective and all manner of bass and leadline sounds can be coaxed out of it.

    Bass Station FreePack Kontakt instrument comes with 30 patches.

    Download: Bass Station FreePack Kontakt instrument

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