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    big FB pack by Boyss – 1.23 GB of free loops and samples


    Boyss has released big FB pack, a free collection of loops and samples for various music genres. All samples are in 24 bit WAV format.

    Hi FLSM, after months of work I finished my second library!

    big FB pack by Boyss is the second collection of soundware from Bojan Boyss and is aimed at electronic and all other producers who like more raw sounds to shape them to their needs but to beginners as well.

    Final samples are still unique enough to be used within a wide range of musical genres. In this pack tempos are mostly at 140 bpm but there are some slower and ofcourse higher. Most daws support stretching nowdays so I think that wouldnt be a problem. Most of the samples are loops.

    This library, like previous, is designed to inspire your creative working process and be starting points for music making. Thats especially for midi melodies, feel free to randomize them, pitch
    up/down etc.
    All samples are 24bit and at 44,1 Khz. I think folder names are self explanatory. File names- youll find bpm
    info and root key (even how bars is long)…


    Inside the pack:

    • Loops: Bass ( Dubstep-Reese-Wobble-Synth Bass-Sub)-77 loops 196 Mb
    • Drums (Amen_DnB-Breaks-Chemical Beats-Processed) 150 loops 193 Mb
    • FX-Textures-Ambience 57 files 247 Mb
    • Guitar 29 loops 102 Mb
    • Synth 45 loops 150 Mb
    • Midi-Random Melodies In Common Scales (around 1455 midi files)
    • Soundfonts: one 24 bit mono (123 Mb) and one 24 bit stereo (247 Mb)
    • FX-Textures-Ambience soundfont
    • Total 1.23 Gb uncompressed (you will need win rar to uncompress it
      after download)

    In order to download this colection, a Facebook account is required. You can download it by parts or whole folder.

    Download: big FB pack by Boyss

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    1. Do not attempt to download. It redirects to numerous popups and will not allow you to download spanned archives. It is not worth the effort.

        • If you have any problems with download of sample pack (FB app displaying blank page-mostly on new Firefox) then try different browser (older Firefox, Google chrome (v.24 working fine) or any other. If you still have problems then send me a message on FB page and I will send you the links. Problem is with HTTPS protocols caused by fb+mozilla update+woobox app. Links are fine, fb app is the problem

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