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    Beat Magazin and Novation Deutschland release Yin and Yang – 800MB+ free samples from Novation BassStation II


    Beat Magazin and Novation Deutschland have released Yin and Yang, two free packs featuring sounds recorded from Novation BassStation II.

    Access 800 MB of free sounds of the Novation BassStation II!
    Because no one can miss it: Beat Magazin and Novation Deutschland offer two taster packs of  BassStation II.

    Exclusively for Facebook fans we offer two 400 MB each sound packages “Yin” and “Yang”, consisting of the two basses, leads, Arpeggios, drum kits and FX. Highlight: the SFZ player Zampler / / RX with brand new loop engine also is in there.

    The sample packs contain one shot lead samples, drum kits, REX loops and SFZ files. The Zampler-RX SFZ player is included too.
    In order to download them a Facebook account is required.

    Download: Yin free sample pack
    Download: Yang free sample pack

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