Audio Animals has released as freeware its Moog Voyager FX Risers (regular £4.99), a collection of one shot samples recorded and processed in 44,100 24 bit WAV format.

Our facebook page ( Audio Animals Label ) has been steadily growing at a rapid rate over the last few months, so we have decided to start releasing some of our sample packs for free, as a thank you to all of our followers for their continues support and contributions that help make the page the community it is.

So today we hit 7000 followers, and this unlocks the ‘Moog Voyager FX and Risers – Pack 1‘ which retails at £4.99 in our sample shop. All you need to do is like the page in order to unlock this download, as well as a number of other free sample packs.


In order to download the Moog Voyager FX Risers sample pack, a Facebook account is required.

More info: Moog Voyager FX Risers sample pack

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