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    Versilian Studios offers VS Xylophone Kontakt instrument for free until September 2nd


    Versilian Studios in collaboration with Soundemote have released VS Xylophone, an instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt. For a limited time this instrument is freeware/ donationware.

    The Xylophone is an ancient and common member of the percussion family, specifically the selection of pitched mallet percussion. It is formed of a line of pitched wooden (or synthetic) blocks. When hit with a mallet, the instrument produces a tone. Resonators (in the form of tubes) under the blocks give the instrument an added ring. Mallets may vary from a soft yarn mallet to a very hard rubber mallet (more suitable for full orchestral work).

    This virtual instrument includes three different mallet settings, recorded with two sets of microphones including Round Robin and multiple velocity layers. It uses the mod wheel to select which mallet is being used, allowing the composer/performer to have an easier time switching mallets and also make it easier for integration in notation software.

    Available formats:

    • Kontakt Instrument (.nki) for Kontakt 4 and up.
    • VSTi Plugin, 32-bit and 64-bit.
    • Audio Units Plugin for Macs.

    You are more than welcome to get VS Xylophone for free during this introductory offer, but if you like it or use it commercially, consider making a donation to Versilian Studios or coming back later when it is for sale. The offer ends on September 2nd.

    More info: VS Xylophone Kontakt instrument

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