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    Markus Hakala releases Mhak Producer Tools free sample pack


    Markus Hakala has released Mhak Producer Tools, a free sample pack featuring a collection of unprocessed sub kicks, EDM kicks, noise sweeps, raw noises and sidechain triggers in high quality WAV format.

    Firstly, I wanted to do some “tools” for the producers. My original idea was to make everything raw. No processing on anywhere, so you, as a producer, could use your own reverbs, delays and so on.

    Secondly, I had bigger plans for this one, but due lack of motivation (haven’t touch this one in 7 months), I decide to share this how it is. There is nothing special, but perhaps someone will find some use for these.. At least there is some new kicks!

    This pack contains:

    • 50 kick bodys, aka subs. You can use these to build your own kick drums. I used these to build my older drums, but keep in mind that these are unprocessed, so they sounds nothing like ready kick, you know. These are synthesized, so you get clean low end. I assume that everyone knows about kick layering.
    • Noise sweeps. Couple down and more on up.
    • Raw noises. The idea of these one is just what I wrote above there. Load one of these long raw ones, automate and fx’s processing it on the way you want it!
    • Sidechain triggers. This is what I also wanted to do. I am not the guru, but I have found that if your sidechain is not working, your whole track is not working. To get that “proper” sidechain, you need a good sidechain trigger! This is just based on my experiences, but to get best results, you need the trigger with sharp attack, it need be shorter than your kick and the tail need to be straight linear.

    Mhak Producer Tools is free and weighs 197 MB compressed.

    Download: Mhak Producer Tools

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