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    Loopmasters releases Daft Funk by Monster Sounds


    Loopmasters has released Daft Funk by Monster Sounds, a collection of lovingly crafted riffs, loops, beats and multi’s- all busting with the distinctive bumping swagger that we all know and love as the grooving soulful sound of French electronica.

    We have thrown down a huge set of grooves, from beats to bass lines, keys and funky guitar licks that Niles himself would be proud of. Mixing the full grooves together then give you the chance to filter and mash them up as if you were sampling from a record which is the key to capturing the sound of sampling records, as the way your filters react to the full loops is much more authentic if all the instruments are playing together. To give you full flexibility we have given many of the grooves split down in to individual parts also to allow you to build your own grooves.

    Drum-wise we have given you a mixture of live drum loops for the funk and disco, but also some thumping house beats and tops to get the floor shaking and a set of one shots to build your own kits.

    In the Bass department, in addition to a great selection of live funk bass riffs, we have included a whole heap of the dirtiest electro synth bass grooves and one shots to get the cones rattling on the more electro style tracks.

    Synths, there are plenty of hand raising pad riffs perfect for the breakdowns, And creativity inspiring top line leads, for the riff writers a great set of Multi samples to craft your own parts. Also for the Complextro crew a great collection of one shot stabs, perfect for accenting your riffs to get that complextro mash up sound.

    The instruments Finish up with great set of funky guitar riffs with plenty of wah-wah goodness.

    The final parts are the FX , with the inclusion of the always useful up and down whooshes to make the euphoric builds and drops.

    In Detail expect to find a whopping 1.07Gb of pristine 24 Bit quality samples containing 44 Bass Funk Loops, 48 Bass Synth Loops, 86 Drum Loops, 36 Top Loops, 32 Glitch & Fill Loops, 40 Filter Loops, 15 Glitch Vox, 127 Lead Loops, 21 Bass Guitar Hits, 25 Bass Synth Hits, 17 Bass Multis, 35 Funk Stabs, 25 FX, 20 Key Multis, 23 Synth Stabs, 73 Drum Hits, 420 Rex2 Files and 157 Soft Sampler patches for NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS24 and SFZ. Available in Zip main, Apple Loops, Reason 5+ Refill & Ableton Live 8.3.3+

    All the Single sounds have been genre and type tagged ready to be used in Native Instruments Maschine software.

    Audio demo:

    Daft Funk main collection is available for £ 29.95. You can purchase folders separately.

    More info:

    Daft Funk

    HighLife Samples

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