Saltline has released Lisc Delay, a free VST effect plugin featuring pre and post effect filters. It contains all effects used from Daltline’s Drzewo series.

The dry signal can be passed through the pre effect filter before the output and/or before the effect section. The effect section consists of 3 delays with there own dedicated filters, left, centre (left+right) and right. This setup can create a range of sounds from subtle spacial effects to twisted glitching when automating delay rate and filter cutoff together.


  • Dry signal routing
    • Direct to output
    • State variable filter
    • Low pass, High pass, Band pass, Band reject.
    • Frequency cut off.
    • Resonance.
  • Dry signal to effect
    • Direct to effect
    • State variable filter-effect
    • Delay (left right and centre)
    • Delay rate
    • Feedback
    • SV filter
    • Filter cutoff
    • Filter resonance
    • Effect mix
    • Left and right cutoff can be linked to the centre cutoff.
    • Gain.


Lisc Delay is freeware, donations are appreciated.

More info: Lisc Delay – free VST effect plugin released

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