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    9 really useful free VST instruments in 2013 (part 2)


    The 9 really useful free VST instruments in 2013 series continues with a collection of another three essential free VST instrument plugins, the selection being mainly based on usability and performance.

    Today, second part: TAL-NoiseMaker by TAL, Zebralette by u-he and the fantastic TranceDrive by yedey.

    You can access the first part here.

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    TAL-NoiseMaker is an improved version of TAL-Elek7ro and has a completely new synth engine and a lot of improvements in sound and usability. The synth also includes a small effect section with a reverb, chorus and a simple bit crusher effect.


    • 3 Oscillators
      Osc 1, +- 24 semitones, fine tune, phase control (saw, pulse, noise).
      Osc 2, +- 24 semitones, fine tune, phase control (saw, rectangle, triangle, sine).
      Sub Osc (rectangle).
    • Osc 1 PM for pulse waveform.
    • Osc 2 FM controled by Osc 1.
    • Osc 1 & Osc 2 sync to sub osc (saw, pulse, rectangle, triangle(bipolar sync)).
    • Adjustable master tune and transpose.
    • Up to 6 voices.
    • Portamento in mono and poly mode (off, auto, on).
    • Ringmod modulates Osc 1 with Osc 2
    • Self resonating 4x oversampled filters (24 dB LP, 18 dB LP, 12 dB LP, 6 dB LP, 12 dB HP, 12 dB BP, Notch)
    • Filter ADSR (negative and positive)
    • Volume ADSR
    • Routable ADSR, modulates Filter, Osc 1, Osc 2, PW, FM (negative and positive)
    • 2 LFO’s with different running modes: free, sync to host, triggered by note.
      Modulates filter, osc 1, osc 2, fm, pw, lfo rate, panorama and volume.
      Sine, triangle, saw square, s&h, noise.
      Positive and negative modulation.
      Phase control.
    • Adjustable Velocity dependent control over volume filtercontour and cutoff.
    • Adjustable Pitch Wheel control over Cutoff and Pitch.
    • One pole HP filter.
    • Detune, detunes notes randomly.
    • Juno chorus with different modes.
    • A built in reverb.
    • A built in delay.
    • Adjustable filter drive.
    • Bitcrusher, affects osc 1 and osc 2. Its a pre the filter stage effect.
    • Midi learn for all knobs.
    • Panic button.
    • Easy to use, no hidden panels.
    • 256 great presets

    Download: TAL-NoiseMaker
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    Zebralette is a stripped down version of u-he’s Zebra2 VST instrument. The idea behind Zebralette is to demonstrate the virtues of Zebra2’s oscillators to everybody out there and perhaps even convince some of them that upgrading to Zebra2 might be a good idea.


    • one of Zebra2’s oscillators packed into a simple, easy-to-learn framework
    • Sounds that can be directly loaded into Zebra2 too
    • two LFOs (one per voice, one global)
    • a multi-stage envelope
    • three on-board effects (chorus, EQ, delay)
    • dual spectral effects, which include several squelchy filter algorithms

    Download: Zebralette
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    TranceDrive is a subtractive synthesizer, that was build for Trance music. That means, it has builtin supersaw oscillators for realy fat synths and pads, harsh filters, a trancegate and a hugh reverb effect.


    • 3 main oscillators
    • each main oscillator supports 6 waveforms: sine, saw, triangle, pulse, saw7, cry
    • the waveform “saw7″ is a supersaw with 7 detunable sub oscillators
    • the waveform “cry” is an experimental waveform, it is built up with several hardsynced saws
    • main oscillator 2 has an additional unisono mode, when it is enabled, the whole oscillator triples its voice and the voices can be detuned from each other
    • the oscillators can be chained (osc1 to osc2 and osc2 to osc3) using FM, PM and sync, these 3 options can also be used at the same time
    • seperate noise oscillator
    • 3 LFOs, each supports 5 waveforms: sine, saw, triangle, pulse, sample and hold
    • the LFOs can be synchronized to the host tempo or run free at a specific frequency
    • each LFO can control multiple parameters of each OSC, you can even assign several LFOs to the same parameter
    • LFO1 can control the filter cutoff
    • 2 Envelope generators (Mod & Amp) with variable shapes
    • the modulation envelope can control multiple parameters of each OSC, and it can also be mixed with the LFOs. Additionally it can control the filter cutoff
    • 3 types of filters: lowpass, highpass and bandpass
    • each filter type can be set to 6dB, 12dB, 18dB and 24dB steepness
    • 9 effects, and they can be used at the same time: gater, chorus, phaser, flanger, distortion, delay, reverb, equalizer, stereo-effects
    • each of the unused parts of the synth is shown with less contrast, so you can focus on the active parts
    • the output of the synth can be clipped to avoid overdriving noise. The clipping is done with a soft limiter, that can be used to compress the whole synth sound (just enable clip and turn up the main volume)

    Download: TranceDrive


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