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    9 really useful free VST instruments in 2013 (part 3)


    The last part of 9 really useful free VST instruments in 2013 series continues with a collection of another three essential free VST instrument plugins, the selection being mainly based on usability and performance. Please note that we gathered only the synths we considered they are suitable for actual electronic music, we were subjective, it is just our opinion.

    You can access the first part here and the second here.

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    Synth1 is a software synthesizer which functionally, it is modelled on the Clavia Nord Lead 2 Red Synth. This versatile VST instrument is suitable for various modern electronic music genres. There are plenty of soundbanks around – available for free.


    • 2 Oscillators, FM modulation, ring modulation, sync, modulation envelope.
    • 4 types of filters, distortion.
    • 2 LFOs (synchronized with host).
    • Arpeggiator (synchronized with host).
    • Tempo delay (synchronized with host), stereo chorus/flanger.
    • Legato mode, portamento.
    • 16 notes polyphony.
    • 128 presets.
    • Thoroughly optimized for light CPU load using SSE instructions, etc.
    • Automation.

    Download: Synth1
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    Alpha Plus is the advanced version of the T-Force Alpha TS. It has all features of the Alpha TS with some more and some updated functions: new sythesis (Subtractive and additionally FM Synthesis), revised oscillators with some more functions and now with a separate noise oscillator, new Mod Envelopes and now with a new integrated Sidechain FX (e.g. for the typicyal sidechained pad sounds and/or pumping basses etc.).


    • Synthesis: Subtractive/FM.
    • 3 Multiwave Oscillators with voice control (adjustable from 1 to 8 voices per osc), adjustable stereo width and panning, with Sine, Saw, Ramp (reversed Saw), Triangle, Pulse (square with PWM) waveforms and retrigger option for each oscillator (with “retrigger off” the oscillator is in free running mode, the oscillator starts with random phase positions everytime played a note, with “retrigger on” the oscillator’s phase starts from position 0 everytime played a note.
    • 1 Noise Oscillator with adjustable stereo width and volume.
    • 1 Resonance Four Pole State Variable Filter, switchable between Low Pass, High Pass, Bandpass and switchable 12/24 dB slope, Resonance can be driven up to self oscillation.
    • 1 ADSR Filter Envelope.
    • 1 ADSR Amp Envelope.
    • 2 ADSR Mod Envelopes.
    • 2 host syncable LFOs.
    • Adjustable Drive function for Saturation/Distortion.
    • two band Low Freq/High Freq Equalizer.
    • Bitcrusher.
    • Portamento.
    • 32 step Envelope Controlled Trance Gate.
    • Velocity control (on/off).
    • Dual Delay, switchable between Stereo mode and Ping-pong mode (right and left channels have their own tempo settings).
    • Stereo Reverb.
    • integrated Sidechain FX, optional with internal bpm synced triggering or external triggering via MIDI In (triggered by MIDI Note On, on MIDI channel 2).
    • all functions fully automatable.

    Download: T-Force Alpha Plus
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    Alchemy Player is a free software instrument with an inspiring 1GB sample library and 200 instrument sounds including evolving soundscapes, lush pads, and pulsing arpeggios. Built with the award winning Alchemy engine under the hood, it provides ready to play sounds that can be easily tweaked from the intuitive interface. It can also load any SFZ sample library.


    • Number of Sounds: 200 (1600 variations)
    • Play Any SFZ Sample Library
    • Easily Find Sounds
    • Tweak Sounds to Fit Your Music
    • Sound Categories: 37 Soundscapes, 34 Pads, 20 Arpeggiated, 20 Basses, 15 Loops, 15 Synths, 11 Leads, 9 Sound Effects, 8 Mallets, 7 Keys, 6 Guitars, 6 Vocals, 6 Strings, 3 Organs, 3 Woodwinds
    • Genres: Electronica, Ambient, Film Music, IDM, Dance/Trance, Techno/Electro, Pop
    • Download Size: 562 MB

    Download: Alchemy Player


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