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    Ultimate VST Studio Bundle – 98 free classic VST instruments compiled by Beat Magazin


    Beat Magazin has released Ultimate VST Studio Bundle, a free collection of 98 classic VST instruments for Windows, weighing over 360 MB.

    Be classic like the Superwave P8 or Acid Rack, the legendary Aethereal or the Zodiac 6 – We have combined in the Ultimate VST Studio not less than 98 handpicked rare VST sound modules.

    The developers have opened their archives for us and compiled legendary milestones to a “best of” the VST instruments (360 MB). Undoubtedly, this is a collection that is a must in any computer studio.

    The bundle contains some great plugins like TranceDrive, TAL-NoiseMaker, Superwave P8, Pterosaur, Polivoks, Monofury, Lusus, Karnage (!), daHornet, Daedalus, Crystal, BassTerminal, B8 Organ, Artemis, Antopya and much much more!

    The Ultimate VST Studio Bundle is available for free. In order to download it you’ll need to register at Beat Magazin; you may use Google Translate (the registration form is in German).

    Download: Ultimate VST Studio Bundle – 98 free classic VST instruments compiled by Beat Magazin

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    1. When I try to sign up the ‘Sign Up’ button does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

      I really want these plugins, can I please have some help?

      • Actually it took me 3 minutes to register at Beat. And I don’t speak German. Just use the Google Translator etc

    2. The registration procces is really gay tried resubmitting the stupid form like 5times but wont go through….Need to fix this why is it such mission???

    3. If you click the flag top right corner of the web page, the registration form will change to perfectly clear english :)

    4. This is legit. I figured it out in my freaking phone. To anyone who can’t give this out then you probably shouldn’t be producing music anyway

    5. RE: Ultimate VST Studio Bundle — This is the THIRD deceptive website I’ve been to, via flstudiomusic. I spent nearly an hour going back & forth from the German site to Google translate. I was very careful, and I am very good at this kind of thing. I jumped thru ALL the hoops, and in the end, I I just got hit for money, over and over again. No “free” download to be found. If so, someone please prove it!

      I hate this kind crap!

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