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    TA Programming releases SubSonic free VST instrument


    TA Programming has released SubSonic, a free VST instrument for Windows operating systems.

    SubSonic is the synth that takes you back! It’s a subtractive synth that is routed in a way to get that oldskool/vintage sound! However the synth is versatile and powerful enough to be able to create quite strikingly modern sounds when necessary!


    • 3 Oscillators (Sine, Sawtooth, Triangle, Square, Noise) with detune facilities
      Graphical ADSR Envelope for maximum precision.
    • Multiple filter selection: Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject, and Peaking.
    • High Quality fully customisable reverb module!
    • Delay Module for standard Echo delay effects.
    • Stereo Chorus, to add that vintage depth!
    • The Flanger module is incredibly versatile and powerful combining overall sound of the 3 oscillators and using a sine wave to phase invert the sounds before adding feedback. This can give unearthly sci-fi like textures!
    • The Warper: This module is an envelope modulator, some wacky timbres can be made using this!
    • The Amp! Use this knob sparingly or krank it up and hear that distortion crackle!


    SubSonic comes preloaded with 10 fully prepared presets.

    More info: SubSonic VSTi

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