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    Prime Loops release Dubstep Vs Hip Hop sample pack


    Prime Loops have released Dubstep Vs Hip Hop, a sample pack featuring over 480 MB of dubstep & hip hop crossover loops and one-shots, combing the gnarly wobble and uber compression of Dubstep with the laid-back groove of Hip Hop.

    Will it be victory for all as two mammoth genres collide to create a new sonic superpower? Or will the gnarly bass of dubstep come out on top over the funked-up kick and snare of Hip Hop? In your bid to determine the winner, deploy some bloated, nasty wobble bass or opt for a pulsating, East Coast-style sub bass loop. Swing in the hits with low 808 kicks and sharp, penetrating snares or choose the path of power with some huge, uber-compressed drum patterns. Cut through the mix with aggressive synth leads, menacing bells, powerful strings and overbearing brass or chop things up with some seriously next-level SFX!

    Weighing in with a whopping 488MB of jacked up, beefed up audio, DUBSTEP vs HIP HOP packs that extra punch with striking 24-bit sound quality. This unruly sound collision will spit over 170 loops and 90 individual drum hits into your DAW via direct download, with samples arranged across 8 massive folders. Powerslam any of these steroid-fuelled loops straight into your mix – they’ll even sync automatically with the Bpm of your current project! Tempos range from a slow and steady 67 all the way up to a pummelling 155 BPM but you can adjust things to whatever pace takes your fancy.

    The introductory price for Dubstep Vs Hip Hop is £17.95 (regular £21.95).

    More info: Dubstep Vs Hip Hop sample pack

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