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    Linn LM-1 – free virtual drum machine instrument released


    MH music has announced the release of Linn LM-1, a free virtual drum machine instrument for VST and AU hosts.

    This is my idea of a Linn LM-1 with a lot of round robins (due to the original quircky engine and hihat envelope).

    So… the closed hihat has 1144 round robins without repeats – open hihat has 26 – bassdrum has 212 – clap has 201 – and the snare has 239, all lifted from the Madonna multitrack “Lucky Star”. That’s the keys on the far left. Fourthermore there is a bunch of one-shots from LM-1 and Linndrum, including down-pitched rimshot and clap (for Minneapolis sound), toms, shaker and cowbell.

    The GUI is just a picture – no working controls. It’s a multitimbral instrument, and should be treated so in your host(everything is running on same MIDI ch of course).

    I’ve ignored the tamburin and cymbals, because they sound terrible, but there is one crash-strike, just for fun.

    This plugin is available at no cost.

    Download: Linn LM-1

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