KX77FREE has announced the release of Kx-PolyM-CSE, a free vintage modular polyphonic synthesizer instrument.

This new plug-in is a special work to implement a CS70M emulation and the x16 sequencer inside a modular VA.

The first minutes of the video presents you the CS70 templates (up to 4 min), after the other presets are vintage but not specific of the CS70…
Some presets use more cpu than those of the Kx-Polymod because they use a long release, etc, anyway this plug-in is more modular to implement the CS simulation, in particularly the dual channel stucture.
So, it’s a multi-purpose plug-in, you can use it to do modern electronic sounds, you can change the CS70 waveforms by others, use a 24 db filter, etc…


Download: Kx-PolyM-CSE free vintage modular polyphonic synthesizer instrument

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