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    JP-4c free Reaktor ensemble by Alex Shore released


    Alex Shore has released JP-4c, a free Reaktor ensemble designed to emulate the Roland JP-8000 Super Saw oscillator.

    The JP-4c is built upon a combination of research conducted by myself and other individuals, with the patch being able to effectively emulate the original Super Saw’s unique timbre. Detailed research and analysis of the Super Saw found that the oscillator exhibits some interesting characteristics giving it a particular sound.

    Perhaps the most important element is the detune curve. Whereas many synthesisers would commonly use a linear detune amount, the Super Saw was found to have a varying detune amount through the use of a curve. This curve allows the user a much finer control over the detune amount applied to the oscillator, allowing them to create very smooth sounds with a minimal amount of detune or seemingly harsh textures as the amount is increased. This parameter has been accurately implemented within the JP-4c to achieve the same detune characteristics as the original.



    • Super Saw Oscillator – Effective emulation of Roland’s original layering of seven sawtooth waveforms
    • Filter – Selectable Low Pass, Band Pass and High Pass with key follow
    • Modulation – LFO, Filter Envelope and Pitch Envelope
    • Effects – Tone Control, Distortion, Reverb, Delay and Portamento.
    • 32 Factory Presets – 12 Leads, 8 Pads, 5 Plucks, 4 Basses and 2 Effects

    More info: JP-4c free Reaktor ensemble

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