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    Alipapa releases VR-08 VSTi – free TR-808 virtual drum machine


    Alipapa has announced the release of VR-08, a TR-808 drum machine simulator virtual instrument. VR-08 comes in two versions- free and pro, the free version being limited to 44.1kHz sample rate, one instance opened only in the DAW etc. but with all these restrictions, it is fully useable.

    Made a clear distinction between the 808 sampling material that is flooding and experience the 808 realistic sound with high-quality professional sound!

    VR-08 contains a total of 2134 24-bit/96kHz samples recorded from the real Roland TR-808 drum machine. Main features of this virtual instrument are:

    • Equipped with a waveform of more than 2,000 sounds that were sampled directly from the TR-808
    • All parameters of a real TR-808 are implemented in the software
    • Groove Control / pronunciation timing adjustment
    • Machine gun effect protection

    The download page is in Japanese, but I am sure you’ll find the big download link :)

    Download: VR-08 – free TR-808 virtual drum machine

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