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    Turritopsis Wide-Hat free sample pack


    Shy has announced the release of Turritopsis Wide-Hat, a free sample pack featuring high quality recordings of a Paiste 2002 14″ Medium hi hat.

    It’s unique. I made sure to give it a very wide, pleasant sounding stereo image while keeping the sound tight, with no weird differences between the channels, and making sure that I’ll be able to get a good sound either from the left channel alone, the right channel alone, or with the two channels mixed into a narrowed stereo image or mono. If you’re truly familiar with recording, you know that this is a very big deal. Other than that, the overall sound is proper and has a natural frequency response and no weird stuff.

    It’s compact. Don’t expect a large amount of samples or any fancy stuff. It’s not amazingly versatile, but it is very usable. I carefully selected the samples for my own usage. It’s quick and simple to make your own patch for this in various available samplers. I don’t intend to make sample packs of other cymbals any time soon, in case you wonder.

    You may use these audio samples for any purpose other than distributing the individual samples without the license text, or in any sample pack or library without crediting the author.

    Download: Turritopsis Wide-Hat free sample pack

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