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    REBELD – 120 free presets for Charlatan VSTi


    Complex Sound has released REBELD, a free soundset for Charlatan featuring 120 various presets (basses, brasses, kicks, drums, keys, leads & FX).

    The soundbank BASSES also contains brasses.
    The soundbank DRUMS contains kicks, sticks and snares.
    The soundbank EFX contains all tipe of effects.
    And the soundbank KEYS also contains leads, lumps and chiptune sounds.

    This free soundset is made with Charlatan 1.3 and it is fully compatible with the 1.4 version. If you don’t have Charlatan VSTi by BlauKraut Engineering you can download it here.

    More info: 120 free presets for Charlatan VSTi

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