The old Real Music Media freebies are now available under a public domain license in 24/48 WAV and REX2 formats on Sordid Bussiness.

For those who are curious who ‘we’ are, I am referring to myself, John Gump, and my long time friend and co-worker Charles Schlee. We owned a small sample company called Real Music Media. We made loops that sold pretty well, a couple of multisampled instruments in the sfz format that were often praised but rarely purchased, and we made a whole bunch of samples for Music Tech magazine.

Our website’s domains were seized in a trademark dispute. Apparently some company owns the rights to the words ‘real music’. It made little sense for us to fight a company with a legal staff on retainer, especially for a site that was already losing money, so Real Music Media went away for good.

But neither I nor Charles wanted to take our samples offline. And to make up for lost time, the samples being offered now are not the downsampled versions that were first offered for free back in 2009, but the full quality 24 bit wav and rex files that were originally offered for sale. Most of these have never before been released for free. To make things even more interesting, they are all being released into the public domain.

These samples will be put up gradually, currently you can download Drum Sounds of the 60s and Swing Jazz Drum Loops, both in WAV and REX2 versions.

More info: visit Sordid Bussiness

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