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    Jonathans Glockenspiel free Kontakt instrument released


    Jonathans Sounds has announced the release of Jonathans Glockenspiel, a free instrument for Kontakt by Native Instruments.

    It consists of 1 and a half octave and I have sampled 7 velocity layers for each note. Naturally it can play in the keys of C, G and F but I have stretched some samples to make it a little more versatile. I colored these red on the keyboard so you know when you are using stretched samples and can avoid them if you don’t want to. Additionally I added a few sounds of dropping the mallet one octave below the playing range, making it 101 individual samples!

    It also has a simple reverb on/off switch, a knob for the size of the reverb, a function that randomly detunes the keys and a simple 3-Band EQ.

    The hardest parts for me were the scripting, especially making the reverb work as intended, and finding the low C bar which took at least an hour.

    Last but not least I’ve thrown in a little pad-like patch derived from the samples but covering a bigger range on the keyboard.


    Download: Jonathans Glockenspiel free Kontakt instrument

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