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    Free Finnish Kantele Kontakt library


    The Ajatar Kantele is a free sample-based Kontakt instrument- digital recreation of a Finnish zither instrument called the kantele.

    The instrument has a long history rooted in the finnish national epic, the Kalevala, and is the national instrument of Finland. The name Ajatar refers to a female woodland spirit in the stories of Kalevala.

    The kantele family of instruments has many members from the traditional 5-string kantele to the 38-string concert kantele that Ajatar represents. A kantele is plucked with fingertips rather than nails or plectra, the resulting sound is easily distinguishable from other zither counterparts for its soft attack, brilliant, clear timbre, very long sustain and unwavering pitch. The Ajatar Kantele was built by Koistinen Kantele Ltd.

    Ajatar Kantele is available in Native Instruments Kontakt format for both MAC and PC . The library consists of 3 instruments, each of which having different microphone positions.

    Download: Free Finnish Kantele Kontakt library

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