Atom Hub has released Cuckoo Clay Bird, a free Kontakt library featuring sounds recorded from a clay bird cuckoo instrument.

A long long time ago, when I was a kid, this little birdie was initially bought to me by my father during our visit of Romania sometimes in 1980s. Since those times
this cuckoo sits here and there, moving with me from a flat to a flat, from my childhood to present days.

I bet it has never dreamed about being finally sampled :-). But it happened and did a nice job, singing those two tones patiently for me (it has a hole in the front that can be covered by a finger to produce lower tone). Soon after I started to play with the samples in Kontakt I decided to release two versions of this instrument – one freebie containing some basic patches and also some
experimental one and the full version, which brings cca 3 times more sample content, more controls in GUI, more patches, dynamic ones, looped ones – all together
with nice experimental possibilities.


  • 24 bit / 44,1 kHz
  • 31 MB (27 single wav files)
  • 12 nki files (4 regular raw, 4 SFX,4 wet patches to get inspired)
  • nice, tuned flute/ocarina like sounds and also an organ like patch


The library is available at no cost. A full version with more content is available for only 5 euros!

More info: Free Cuckoo Clay Bird

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