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    Trans Computer Maschine free VST instrument – updated to version 1.30


    Cescato Musiktechnologie has announced the release of version 1.30 of Trans Computer Maschine, a free VST instrument synthesizer plugin for Windows.

    Trans Computer Maschine is a Semi-modular Vintage Lead Synthesizer + Pattern Sequencer modeled after two legendary mono synths and a custom analog sequencer from Germany.

    Changes in version 1.30

    • Added ‘Envelopes’ gate input indicators.
    • Added ‘Filter Cutoff Link’ switch for band-pass use.
    • Added ‘Filter’ modulation indicators.
    • Added ‘inverted Seq Cnt’ modulation sources.
    • Added labels to Sequencer ‘Skip’ buttons.
    • Added middle position ‘Preset’ for Sequencer interval row.
    • Added ‘MIDI Ch. Router’. input indicators.
    • Added mixer ‘Oscillators Waveform’ selection from GUI images.
    • Improved Sequencer transport section featuring status display.

    Trans Computer Maschine is available as free download. No registration is required.

    More info: Trans Computer Maschine free VST instrument

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