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    Prime Loops release EDM Essentials – Progressive sample pack


    Prime Loops have released EDM Essentials – Progressive, a collection of 190 MB+ of elements for progressive EDM genre- epic synth loops, basslines, drum loops and much more.

    As the opening chapter in our EDM Essentials Series this electronic dance sample pack is purely progressive, delivering an epic volume of passionately crafted samples designed with the most devoted dance aficionados in mind. Taking a collective swipe at this vast genre we’ve gathered inspiration from the hottest sounds on the scene and produced a diverse selection of samples that will give your tunes that extra push to break new ground!

    Propel this genre forward with 190+ MB of Bass Samples, Bassline Loops, Drum Loops, Drum One-Shots, SFX Hits, SFX Loops and Synth Loops. EDM Essentials – Progressive will mash 150 stimulating samples straight into your DAW via direct download, delivered at an eminent 24-bit sample rate. Be the first to break new ground by lacing your mix with this insane range of sonically enhanced samples including the heavy impact and sinister swagger of fuzz-laden bass sample ‘Badda_Bass’ and the infectious lip-smacking groove of drum loop ‘Bigg’ or the anxious palpating refrain of synth loop, ‘Worf’!

    Each of these .wav files can be dragged straight outta your download folder and dropped straight in to any major software. With a standard tempo of 128bpm, you can shift the speed of any of these samples by simply stretching out the stem in your mix for a slower tempo squeezing it down for a faster vibe!

    EDM Essentials – Progressive costs £12.95

    More info: EDM Essentials – Progressive sample pack

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