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    Largest Softsynth Freeware Index – PDF file with 1700+ free synths


    Zeitaugen has released the Largest Softsynth Freeware Index, a free PDF file containing valuable data for freeware hunters: a list of over 1700 free VST instruments presented with image, description and the links!

    The Virtual Software Synthesizer Freeware Index. This is a superb collection of pdf files that contain GUI color images of the synths, a brief overview, description, and the link for the download if it’s still active.

    There are over 1700+ entries in the list! A very handy collection to have. I’ve discovered some free synths that I didn’t know existed from this index. You’ll need a pdf reader for the download. (preview or foxit) One of the best lists for the current state of free synths for windows. All Free Virtual Software Synthesizer for the Digital Audio Workstation’s / Sequencers (No Midi’s & Standalone’s).



    • 1732 Entries
    • Easy to Read
    • Color Images
    • Short Description
    • Manufacturer Links

    This useful tool is available at no cost. Big kudos to the author!

    Download: Largest Softsynth Freeware Index

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