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    strawMan releases Limited by Nature Free Sound Library


    strawMan has announced the release of Limited by Nature, a free sample pack featuring 100 found percussion, 3 extended ambiances and assorted rhythmic passages, held notes and motifs.

    Recorded with two stereo pairs under a leaky bridge, we have violin, singing bowl and harmonica.
    The idea was to generate textures and timbres from the sources, while intentionally recording “dirty”- capturing the “room” sound and the outside ambiance.
    This lends the set a distinct sense of place, and an often murky grain/ texture. Processed digitally, many of these samples are intended for further manipulation/ as sources themselves.

    They would be suited for wide range experimental works, electronica artists looking for leftfield textures to add to their palette, or multimedia sound design.

    Originally created for personal use, I hope to give something back to the community of artists, developers and sound designers that with their own freeware releases, have helped my passion for this grow.


    The sample pack is weighing 320 MB, all samples being in 24 Bit WAV format.

    More info: Limited by Nature Free Sound Library

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