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    SampleScience releases Vortex SoundWaves – 5 free Kontakt instruments


    SampleScience has announced Vortex SoundWaves, a free Kontakt library featuring sounds from its upcoming release.

    Five free Kontakt instruments are available from this upcoming library, you can download them freely.
    Let me know what you think of the sounds and if there’s any problems with the instruments. These instruments should be compatible with Kontakt v3 and up. 

    Dusty ePiano is a sampled electric piano emulation produced to sound like it has been sampled from a dusty vinyl. This Kontakt instrument is made to be light weight and use minimum RAM and disc space.

    Download: Dusty ePiano

    Nutron Pad is a synthetic pad made to sound very analog and rich. The sound has been EQed and a subtle touch of phaser was added to make this pad very thick and deep. 

    Download: Nutron Pad

    Mopho Bass is an original patch created with Dave Smith instruments Mopho analog synthesizer.

    Download: Mopho Bass

    Deep Space is an tribute to the sound design skills of Tim Conrardy and to his first VSTi, the M42 Nebula. You’ll find that this Kontakt instrument has a lot of texture and details in it. I created this particular tone by using a granular chorus and a tape delay effect.

    Download: Deep Space

    VocoLead is a lofi vocoded synthesizer sound. Useful for techno, ambient and space music. Based on a single sample 24 bits long sound.

    Download: VocoLead

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