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    PLP Dj Puzzle April Care Package – free loops and MIDI files


    Peace Love Productions have announced PLP Dj Puzzle April Care Package, a collection of sounds taken from actual and upcoming releases available on their site.

    I uploaded a small free pack for you which also includes some bonus material from other releases. There are some midi files in the free pack as well.

    The free pack consists of two main folders- DJ Puzzle Loops and WM Kobana Free Promo, each of which featuring drum loops, percussions, pianos, synth lines etc. for various music styles.

    In detail:

    • Content:
      • DJ Puzzle Loops
        • Exclusive Loops
          • Brazilian Lounge (4 loops- rhodes, piano, bass & drums)
          • DJ Puzzle Glitch (6 loops- glitch rhythms)
          • DJ Puzzle Reggaeton (4 loops- vocal, lead, bass, beat)
          • DJ Puzzle Trance (4 loops- vocal, breakdown, bass arpeggiator & chord)
          • Funktronic (3 loops- guitar, beat & bass)
        • Loop Cartel
          • Loop Cartel Cinematix (4 loops & 2 MIDI files)
          • Loop Cartel Drum n Bass (7 various drum loops)
      • WM Kobana Free Promo (9 loops- voice, percussions, bass etc)
    • 147 MB extracted
    • 24 Bit WAV format

    All samples are royalty free. You can create new works using these sounds and loops royalty free. You may sell the music and videos you created with these loops and sound files.

    Access the link below, then click free trial pack link on PLP Kobana Studio Essentials page.

    Download: Free PLP Dj Puzzle April Care Package

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