Trance Techno Soundbanks has released 3 free collections of presets for Genesis, Q9 Oldvox and Synth1.

Genesis Freepack contains 65 hi-quality presets + demos kits including flp files for FL Studio and construction kits for other daws.
This pack is suitable for any kind of trance and hard trance music styles and other electronic genres.

Q9 Oldvox Freepack is featuring 65 hi-quality presets plus the demos kits, flp files for FL Studio and construction kits. Q9 Oldvox is a freeware VST instrument and it can be downloaded here.

Synth1 Freepack- 84 presets. Like other packs, demo flp files and constuction kits are included. If you don’t have Synth1 VSTi, you can download it here for free.

All soundbanks are available at no cost.

Download: 3 free soundsets for Genesis, Q9 Oldvox and Synth1

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