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    SicknDstroy free lo-fi VST updated to version 1.2


    Inear Display has released an updated version of its SicknDstroy, a free lo-fi VST effect plugin for Windows and Mac.


    • Pre Filter with lowpass, highpass and bandpass modes
    • 4 ways to mix the bit reduction and the samplerate reduction
    • Dry/Wet control
    • LFO assignable to the filter cutoff, filter resonance, bit reduction, samplerate reduction, and dry/wet parameters
    • Randomizer
    • 20 factory presets by acclaimed sound designer Ivo Ivanov
    • Cross-platform presets

    Changes in version 1.2:

    • new User Interface
    • randomizer
    • LFO
    • new preset format

    This plugin is available at no cost on Inear Display.

    More info: SicknDstroy free lo-fi VST

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