Les Productions ZVON has released Mini MC3 kits, a sample pack featuring vocal samples, sound effects, one shots and more. It is available for Battery 3, but as the WAV files are included, they can easily be used in FL Studio (WAV 16 Bit).

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They are not on our site yet but here are the Mini MC3 kits. I made them, as I did with the Mini MC1 and 2, to demonstrate one of the possible use of the Memory Collection samples.

One way to use them is to take more or less the longer samples as they are and include them in an original track. Another way is to split the longer samples or extract shorter samples from them and create you own kits/sampler programs. That’s what I did for the Mini MC3. I used sfx, spoken word and music samples for this demonstration. There are 67 samples.

Note that the Memory Collection Packs do not include other mini kits like these, the fun being to select and trim the samples you want (IMHO)! 

Mini MC3 Kits are available at no cost. The download size is 6.7 MB.

Download: Free MC3 kits

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