Subaqueous has announced its newest freeware- Hip Hop MIDI Library, a collection of MIDI drum patterns for hip hop with a BPM range between 80 and 100 BPM.

I have sat in the studio for a month making yet another MIDI library for you all. This is a collection of MIDI drum patterns for hip hop from 80-100 bpm. It’s made so you can just drag and drop the MIDI files into Live, or any DAW, and easily start making hip hop beats.

The Easy Drag and Drop nature will have you righting beats and producing in your sessions even faster. It’s also a supper handy tool with live performance.


Hip Hop MIDI Library consists of 65 different drum patterns including West Coast hip Hop, Dirty South, and more. In order to download this collection you’ll have to subscribe to Subaqueous’ newsletter.

More info: Hip Hop MIDI Library

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