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    200 free samples taken from upcoming Synth Drums library by Wave Alchemy


    Wave Alchemy has released a free taster pack for its upcoming sample library- Synth Drums. This freeware consists of 200 (!) processed drum samples in 24 Bit WAV format.

    Imagine taking ten of the most sought-after vintage synthesizers in history, synthesizing hundreds of drum sounds with each instrument and processing each of these sounds individually using a carefully thought out high-end signal chain and you are getting a little closer to understanding the concept of our forthcoming Synth Drums sample library…

    Curious to hear some sounds from the library? Head over to our Synth Drums Taster page where you can download (for free!) 200 processed sounds taken directly from the full library!

    In order to download the free taster, you’ll need an account on Wave Alchemy. Registration is free :).

    More info and download link: Wave Alchemy free Synth Drums taster pack

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