Bojan Boyss has released a Free FX Sample Pack weighing 2 GB of free loops and sound FX suitable for cinematic, sound design, film/ games makers and modern music styles.

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Hi FLStudioMusic, after months of work I finished my sample library and I just put it online. Its free fx sample pack, around 2 Gb total size.

All loops and samples are 16 Bit (Acidized) Wavs. They are actually loops but threat them as one shot samples for more and better results, for example chop some of the end or begining, strech, combine etc. Be creative!

All made from scratch, without using any sample library or loops-oneshots… With this you dont have to worry that you gonna sound like someone else ;)


The collection is split into 3 parts, each part has 696 MB of sounds (545 samples). All samples are royalty free.

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Bojan Boyss on Soundcloud

Download: 2 GB of free FX samples

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