AZur Studio has released 167 Free Presets For Oatmeal, a soundset for the freeware Oatmeal VST instrument synthesizer developed by Fuzzpilz. If you don’t have Oatmeal, you can download it here.

I released “Snow&Rust” soundset for Oatmeal. This soundset contained 167 sounds.

– Pad 58
– Bass 29
– Chord 8
– FX 17
– Sequence 5
– Key(Cold) 24
– Key(Hard) 11
– Key(Other) 15

I also discovered on AZur Studio’s site some cool soundbanks for Synth1, TyrellN6, Charlatan and more. They are located into the VST section.

More info: 167 Free Presets For Oatmeal

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