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    Sonic Emblem releases Sonic Vol and Sonic Pan free VST effects


    Sonic Emblem has announced the release of two new VST effect plugins for Windows and Mac: Sonic Vol– modulation effect and Sonic Pan– imaging/ panning plugin.

    High Precision LFO

    6 Types Waveform
    (±SAW ±TRI ±SQU)

    4bar~32beat LFO Rate
    (Synchronize with BPM)

    LFO Phase is retriggered
    when change from Rate0
    (also Host Transport Start)
    UI Design for TouchSupport Automation

    In order to work on FL Studio, install Pluggo Runtime, click here.

    Download page: Sonic Vol and Sonic Pan

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    1. When I open the effect plugins in the fl mixer, it says that there was a problem opening both Sonic Vol and Sonic Pan. I dont see where any errors might have occured as the zip files only contain 1 DLL file each….Please help!

      • Ohh, I forgot about this :) Thank you! I guess is specified on the site too… So much plugins…

        2013/2/11 Disqus

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