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    Saltline releases Świerk free VST instrument


    Saltline has released Świerk, a free subtractive synthesizer VST instrument for Windows.

    Świerk is a simple VA subtractive synthesizer. Its layout and signal path allows the user to create sounds quickly and with ease.

    Świerk is a freeware VST instrument for Windows.


    • 2 Oscillators (each consists of the following)
    • 1 Sub Oscillator
    • 1 Noise Generator
    • Mixer
    • Low Pass Filter
    • Envelopes
    • 2 Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO) (each consists of the following)
    • Master Volume
    • Midi Control
    • Internal Modulation Matrix
    • External Modulation Matrix

    More info: Świerk VST instrument

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