Chokehold, a KVR Audio member, has announced the release of Tiny Metal Impact, a freeware VST instrument featuring different metal sounds like clicks, chimes etc. Tiny Metal Impact is available as VSTi plugin for Windows and Mac. You can also download the samples only- 95 sounds in WAV format.

In the last couple of days I did a very strange thing for a KVRist… I hooked up my Mic to my Interface and actually recorded something. Hah. I could hardly believe it myself.

Anyway, what came of it were 95 little samples which I very neatly sorted into 4 instrument categories:

  • Clicks (40 sounds)
  • Clangs (14 sounds)
  • Pops (14 sounds)
  • Chimes (27 sounds)

The title “Tiny Metal Impact” and the names of these four instrument categories alone should be enough to give you a clue as to what’s cooking. If you still don’t know, read on… otherwise just skip down to the demo track or the downloads. 


More info: Tiny Metal Impact

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