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    Che releases 4 new free soundsets for Harmor, Poizone and Alpha Plus


    Che has announced the release of another 4 free soundsets for Poizone, Harmor and Alpha Plus VST instrument plugins.

    New releases:

    • 100 E-lec-tro Sounds by CHE for the Image Line Harmor VSTi
    • Free ‘ Hopi ‘ Soundset by CHE for the Image Line’s Harmor VSTi
    • TicTac E-lec-tro Soundset by CHE 2013 for the Mastrcode Music Alpha Plus
    • VSTi
    • The ‘ E-elec-tro Soundset ‘ by CHE for the Image Line – Poizone VSTi

    These packs are available for free. On Che’s site you’ll find tens of free soundsets, patches and presets for various plugins like TranceDrive, V-Station, Adventus, Dune, Alchemy, Toxic Biohazard, SymSynth, Sawer, Poizone and much more!


    Free soundsets, presets and patches by Che

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