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    650+ Free Drum Samples (6 Free Drum Kits) by Hip Hop Makers


    Hip Hop Makers has released 650+ Free Drum Samples (6 Free Drum Kits), a collection of drum samples and sounds for hip hop music productions. The drum kits we’re previously available only in the members area at Hip Hop Makers.

    Here are over 650 free drum samples to add to your sample collection. These 6 free drum kits add up to over 140mb. Enjoy!

    Note: These are not new to the Hip Hop Makers website. They were in the member download section. The download section has been removed, so now anyone can download the files without being a member. They were created by Mafz Productions, & Lucas / LD Productions.

    All kits are available at no cost on Hip Hop Makers

    More info: 650+ Free Drum Samples (6 Free Drum Kits)

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