has announced the release of 18 free VST plugins for Windows. The new plugins are located in the Effects / Processors section, expanding its current line of products from two (Prodigious and Poly 2106 Synthesizers) to twenty freeware plugins. webpage gets a full content update and now delivers 18!! more effects/processors plugins to join the two allready published synths, Prodigious & Poly 2106.
Taking a big jump from two to twenty free unrestricted full featured products was the best way we could find to mark our statement into this new year, now meet the new faces at products/effects processors area and hope you enjoy the looks & features, the synthescience team…

New plugins:

  • 9 Modulation Effects.
  • 2 Delay/Reverb.
  • 2 Filter/Eq Processors.
  • 2 Dynamics Processors.
  • 3 Distortion/Lo Fi Effects.

More info: 18 new free VST plugins from Synthescience

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