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    Tek’it Audio updates Genobazz to version 2.3


    Tek’it Audio has updated Genobazz, a free bass synthesizer VSTi plugin to version 2.3.

    Genobazz 2 is a free monophonic bass synthesizer plug-in, designed to be simple to use, for all your bass need, from simple bass, drum kick and complex wobble to acid bassline.

    Changes in Genobazz 2.3:

    • Reduced SV Bandpass CPU use.
    • Faster Undo initialization.
    • SSE2 instruction sets requirement.
    • Reduced plug-in load time.
    • GUI minor improvements.
    • SETUP removed Better Installer.
    • SETUP Windows 8 compatibility layer.
    • SETUP other minor improvements.
    • User Manual updated.

    Genobazz is available at no cost.

    More info: Genobazz VSTi

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