Orange Tree Samples launches a Holiday Giveaway series with Stomp Box, a free Kontakt instrument

Orange Tree Samples has launched a weekly freebies series during this holiday thru their social networks. First release is Stomp Box, a free Kontakt instruments which recreates the sounds of stomp boxes used by guitarists for extra percussion.

Today marks the start of our weekly holiday freebies! This one is a wooden box called a “stomp box” that you tap your foot on. It’s an instrument usually played by folk guitarists when playing solo (or in a small group) for extra percussion. The stomp box has a small piezo mic inside, that then runs into a guitar amp.
Although it’s not a requirement in order to download the freebies, if you subscribe to the Orange Tree Samples page, you’ll get notification when each freebie is released, and be able to download them the moment they appear in your news feed.

More info: Orange Tree Samples

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