Terry West has announced the release of MoJoe Analog Parallel EQ v1.0 VST, a free equalizer plugin for Windows.

Next in the line of a trend to give audio that special “mojo” , I released (last one for this year…) a true parallel eq. 

Plugin specs:

  • 3 parallel bands with each 4 freq’s.
  • 3 parallel independed tape-saturators for each band.
  • Vibe mode: Controls the amount of Tape-saturation, MS balance processor, Tapenoise and Crosstalk emulation (-50dB).
  • Led output meters with peakhold and over leds.
  • 14 presets.  

MoJoe VST is available at no cost on Terry West’s webpage.

More info: MoJoe Analog Parallel EQ v1.0 VST

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