The Unfinished has released Tyrell N6 Kuu, a free pack containing 64 presets for u-he Tyrell N6 VSTi (free plugin created in collaboration with German online magazine

Tyrell N6 Kuu (64 free presets) by The Unfinished

Kuu is a collection of 64 sounds with a warm, analogue feel. There are basses, leads, pads, sequences and sfx, all with a retro touch, thanks to Tyrell N6 being partly designed in honour of the Roland Juno 60 – a truly classic synth.

If you need some punchy, crystalline and gritty synth noises for your latest project, these lovingly crafted patches should come in handy.

It’s fun to be giving away some free sounds and I will probably do some more in the future. Just add it to the cart and enjoy all the zeros in the price column.


If you don’t have Tyrell N6 VSTi, you can download it here.

More info: Tyrell N6 Kuu (64 free presets)

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